My Mission

You as an individual have One Mission, let people know what your One Mission is. My name is Adam Stanford everyone always asked me what is One Mission or what is my One Mission. One Mission is something that an individual is focused on accomplishing and they will work hard and stay on the right path to reach that mission calling it their One Mission. As an individual my One Mission has always been to play overseas. I finished college with my BA in Graphic Design/ Double Major in Art with a minor in communications while playing basketball at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Later on, I transferred to Campbellsville University to continue my basketball career and get my Master in Sports Administration which made everything better. My One Mission has now been reach and continues to go on, but as you know a mission is never complete. You have to keep it going and make sure as an individual that your One Mission never stops. I started this phrase in 2016, while being in college. But now it is not a phrase it is a way of life, a way to motivate individuals, a way to make sure everyone achieves their goal. Since, everyone has their own One Mission. Why not show and tell everyone your One Mission. So, now its time for you guys to tell the world your One Mission and don't let anyone stop you from reaching your mission.

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